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The color of pearl-mica coating or luster tiles will change depending on the viewing conditions by changing incident and receiving angles. The instrument(system) is designed to measure the spatial distribution of the reflected light (transmitted light) or the color which will be changed with viewing and incident angles.
The computerized precise control for the incident and receiving angles enables the measurement of spectral distribution at each angle. After calibration, simply set the sample and several measurement conditions such as range of incident angle, viewing angle(receiving angle), measuring step angle, color system to which all the operations will be performed automatically.
The data obtained, can be utilized in a wide variety for instance, development for pearl color or simulation basic data for the computer graphics.

PC Control
Movement of Light Source & Sample Table
Sample Table for Auto Flapping & Side Rotation

Large-size Auto Flapping Sample Table
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Double-beam Halogen Concave Diffraction Grating Silicon Photodiode Array
35 Elements
Measurement Capability Fiber Measuring Size Power Supply Interface
Measurement Structure
image 1. Light Source
2. Sample
3. Concave Diffraction Grating
4. Sample Size