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GMX-102 / GMX-203


Portable shoulder type instruments, conforming with the international standards of JIS or ASTM etc., are lighter than the conventional products. Since the power supply uses a built-in chargeable battery allowing both for the alternating/direct currents, usage for indoor or outdoor is acceptable.
Type 102 has excellent mobilization with cordless system, exclusively being used for 60°measurement.
Type 203 is available for the selection at each measuring angles of 60°、20°、75°and has unrivaled measurement accuracy and reliability.

Measurement and management of the color materials for painting, printed plane or paint.
Management of surface gloss for the high molecular materials such as rubber or synthetic resin.
Gloss management of the untreated/treated metal surface.
Quality control for the converted papers or synthetic papers.
Management for the polishing ratio of the stone surface. Surface inspection of the tiles or wares.
Maintenance management of the automobiles, aircrafts, store tank etc.
Measurement of gloss deterioration with the sample for the anti weather at the test site.
Quality control of the surface for the picture tube or display.

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Halogen Silicon Photodiode
Incident Angle Measurement Capability Measuring Size Power Supply