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Multi-angle measurement can be available by automatic change of incident and receiving angles. It provides to analyze intensity distribution of reflected and transmitted light by illuminating the material, which also can guide optical information of the material owed itself. GP-200 is an indispensable instrument for the research of optical appearance. Processing equipments for the calculation, programs to the graph of the calculation results or several optional sample stands are available, too.

The beams from the light source are converged onto the pin hole through the condenser lens, and converted into parallel beams through the collimator lens. These beams reach the specimen plane through the beam iris. The beams reflected or transmitted from the specimen plane are fed to the receptor via a telescope lens and a receiving iris. Thus, the reflectance, transmittance and diffuse reflectance of the specimen can be obtained by measuring the light intensity.


PC Control
To recognize the properties of the transmitted light for plastics or glass
To measure the roughness of metals or painted plane by light touching needle
To recognize the optical properties of magnetic painted plane
To recognize the optical properties of the paper To recognize the optical properties of the hair
To research the optical appearance of natural timbers and planted timbers
The surface evaluation of specular high glossy materials
To research the optical appearance of textile or fabrics
To measure the properties of transmittance for diffuser, prism sheet and polarized film of LCD back light.
Optical Conditions & Measurement Examples by Jeffries Method
Ideal Instrument for the research of Analysis and Quantifying to the Appearance, Texture, Luster on the material surface.
Optical system
Measurement Structure  
image 1. Luminous Flux
2. Light Source
3. Receptor
4. SampleOptical system
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