Measurement for Haze & Transmittance
image Haze Meter HM-150

Haze Meter HM-150

Due to the hi-leveled double beam system being adopted, the measurement with high accuracy and improved repeatability can be performed easily.
Total spectral properties can change not only combination of photopic vision standard luminous efficiency V(λ) and CIE standard illuminant D65 but standard illuminant A.
Full automatic instrument for the processing and control by using a personal computer, allows always stable measurement data for all sorts of calculations, average calculation or printer out-put.

PC Control
PC Control
image 1 Light Source Lamp
2 Two Branch Fiber
3 Reference Shutter
4 Measurement Sutter 5 D6
5 Convertible Switch to D65 & A Illuminant
6 Lens
7 Entrance Port Aperture
8 Exit Port Aperture
9 White Plate
10 Detector
11 Reference Fiber
12 Integrating Sphere
13 Light Trap Box
14 Sample
image image image image image image image image image image
Double-beam Halogen Silicon Photodiode Array Measurement Capability
Haze Transmittance ISO 13468, JIS K 7361
ISO 14782, JIS K 7136(ASTM D 1003,JIS K 7105)
Measuring Time Integrating Sphere Fiber Measuring Size Power Supply Interface