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The optical system is equipped with the incident angle of 45°and receiving angle of 45°for the portable reflectance instrument, of which both the alternating/direct current are used for the power supply. The sensor unit can be operated by one hand with handle switch type that makes on-the- spot measurement easier. The instrument can measure not only the flat mirror but the curved mirror with a radius more than 100mm,
almost in no errors. Apart from the front coated mirror, the thick rear coated mirror can be measured by changing an adaptor for the measurement window.

Measurement of reflectance for the glass, resin, metal or traffic mirror.
Measurement for the flat/curved mirror.
Management of the reflectance for the metal after surface treatment.
Management of the deterioration for the traffic mirror at a road curve.

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Tungsten Silicon Photodiode
Incident Angle Measurement Capability Measuring Size Power Supply Interface